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Amplify Love and Money

4 weeks to transform your ability to receive your personal and business goals

Love and Money at the core are so closely tied in terms of how capable we are at receiving. So much of it comes down to creating awareness and clearing of the root cause that is causing the limitation in the first place.

That’s why I’m so excited to offer this 4 week digital course that will support women like you in resetting your attraction point and ability to receive love and money at your next level.

During the Amplify Love and Money program, you will clear past fears, limiting beliefs, disappointments and karma and open your heart to feeling worthy of receiving more love and money.  

It’s so essential to have both aspects of yourself in balance in order to effectively create the life and business you desire in abundance and ease.

Twin Flame Alignment Activation: Align to your Mission, Self Love and Union

Twin Flame Alignment Activation: Align to your Mission, Self Love and Union

When you sign up for the Twin Flame Alignment Activation, you get immediate access to the video that you can stream or download. 

This Activation is perfect for you if you are interested in hearing more about twin flame unions or soul mate love and would like to align to your mission, self love and union 

There were so many insights and activation's that came through this channeling and I would love for you to experience them.

Soul Purpose Alignment Activation + Reading

When you sign up for the Soul Purpose Alignment Activation & Reading, you get immediate access to the video that you can stream or download. 

This Activation + Reading is perfect for you if you are a messenger on a mission, are interested in hearing more about twin flame unions and also massive expansion with sharing your unique gifts and message on larger stages, through speaking and writing.

Sign up below for one of my most powerful channeled activation's to date... So many insights and activation's cane through this channeling and I would love for you to experience them.

Elevate Your Mindset to Soul Success

During these 21 days you will...

  • Receive 21 daily prompts to elevate your ability to attract and align to your soul’s desires with ease
  • Receive and practice a meditation to get you tuned in and set tone for your day
  • Receive (2) 20 minute video trainings to set yourself up for success with a morning routine
  • Align and expand into your next level desires in a way that feels fun and easy
  • Receive 3 powerful Angel of Abundance channeled readings that offer great insights and next steps to upleveling
  • Transform your beliefs from limiting to empowered and inspired
  • Gain clarity on your highest path and soul’s calling

Soul Inspired Leaders Mastermind - Homestudy

Here’s what the Soul Inspired Leader Mastermind Homestudy includes:

Pre-work Modules to set the program foundations

8 Mastermind Call Recordings

Call topics will include: 

  • Unleash Your Authentic Voice
  • Your Purpose Driven Business Foundation
  • Master Your Messaging
  • Own Your Soul Gifts and Unique Message
  • Soulful Storytelling ~ Your Story Tells a Message
  • Attract Your Soul Aligned Clients and Community to Create a Collective Impact
  • Soul Inspired Programs
  • Divine Downloads on Demand ~ Create soul aligned content

Intuition Activation ~ Amplify Your Chakras and Rock Your Ascension

Inside of your Intuition Activation transformational experience you will access 7 Weekly modules, each with a video training and playbook to do deep work to clear, balance and activate each of the 7 main chakras.

Module 1: Root Chakra
This chakra houses all of our survival information and programming around living in our 3D world. When this chakra is out of balance you may have financial blocks, issues with health or feeling safe in the world. You will clear and balance this chakra which will allow more abundance into your life.

Module 2: Sacral Chakra
This chakra houses your creative energy and empathic abilities. When this energy center is out of balance you may be overwhelmed with your emotions or those of other peoples, you could have old inner child wounds and trauma imprints here which could drive unhealthy relationship patterns. When you learn to balance and heal this chakra you will feel happier, more creative and experience much more bliss in your life and relationships.

Module 3: Solar Plexus
This chakra houses your energy distribution in your body, your will, confidence and your inner power. When this chakra is out of balance you may find yourself lacking energy or unable to release control which will lead to difficulty manifesting amongst other things. Balancing and activating this chakra is essential to your ability to consciously create your dreams.

Module 4: Heart Chakra
This chakra is your ability to have love and empathy for yourself, others, the planet, animals and your connection to the Divine. When out of balance you may have difficulty receiving in general, find you are closed off or limiting your ability to give and receive love. Balancing and activating this chakra allows you to experience yourself and others from an elevated space of love and increases your ability to receive in all areas of life.

Module 5: Throat Chakra
This chakra houses your psychic ability of channeling, as well as, has a lot to do with your creative expression and patterns around speaking your truth. This chakra usually has a lot of blockages that if left unattended will create issues in all types of relationships and hinder your ability to create.

Module 6: Third Eye Chakra
This chakra houses your clairvoyant abilities and is also heavily tied to your ability to manifest and see spiritual truth. When out of balance our own ego fears and those of others can easily cloud our judgment and create a lack of clarity around your dreams.

Module 7: Crown Chakra
This chakra houses channeling abilities and is tied to your ability to trust yourself and subsequently affects your ability to trust your intuition. When this chakra is balanced and activated you can own your certainty and trust yourself in any situation.

In addition to the core Intuition Activation program you will receive 4 complete workshops to create a full spectrum of support! These workshop help you further amplify your gifts and manifest your soul purpose with your newly activated gifts.

Each of the workshops focus on different aspects of personal development and spiritual growth, such as conscious creation, intuition activation, and aligning with one's higher path and purpose. The additional content is designed to help you deepen your understanding of these areas and make significant progress on their spiritual journey.


  • Video Training
  • Workbook
  • Guided clearing and activation meditation (mp3)
  • Timeless aura reading and clearing for the collective group energy


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