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Intuition Activation ~ Rock Your Ascension and Elevate Your Success

Intuition Activation ~ Rock Your Ascension and Elevate Your Success

Are you ready to Align Embody and Express WHO YOU TRULY ARE?

Are you ready to clear past fears, patterns, karma and programing that is keeping you stuck and playing smaller than you know you are DESTINED to be?

Are you ready to connect deeper to your intutitive gifts so that you can experience amazing and life changing transformation?

If so, you’re in the right place!

As an intuitive energy healer and psychic, one of my gifts and passions is to support you in cultivating trust in your own intuitive gifts and power.

So I'm excited to announce that I've designed the Intuition Activation program to not only activate your intuition, but also to give deep healing on old, outdated programming, fears, karma and beliefs.

Intuition Activation

Rock Your Ascension and Elevate Your Success

We are going to give you an energetic overhaul and clear the stuck gunk from your chakra system, energy field and emotions, so that you can truly create the success and happiness on your terms.

It is time to cultivate your intution so that you can experience
new levels of joy, fulfillment and freedom while living a life of success on your own terms!

The Intuition Activation is for you if ...

  • Want confidence and clarity in your soul's work and the life you desire to live
  • Are ready to clear out blocks and fears that are holding you back and keeping you frustrated, stuck and financially struggling
  • Are feeling called into the next level of success in your life or business
  • Want to feel elated with joy, knowing you are truly living a soul aligned life on your own terms

The Intuition Activation Program includes...

  • Weekly video training ~ tangible tools to cultivate your intuitive gifts ( 5 clair’s)
  • Transformational overhaul of 8 main chakras and correlating layer of the aura so that you can be aware of to move through your ascension process with more confidence and ease
  • “Play”book with weekly Alignment Activities to Cultivate your intuition
  • Weekly Alignment Activation and energetic clearing with the Archangels to support each chakra, as well as, mental, emotional and spiritual growth
  • Learn to work with your spiritual support team by receiving and interpreting divine guidance
  • Accountability check in email each week

Regular Program Investment:

$297 USD Paid in Full

8 Modules

Modules for this product 8
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